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To create words for your conlang, we're going to consider words by their syllables. In a multi-syllabic word, the word will have a FIRST syllable, a MIDDLE syllable (or several middles), and a LAST syllable.

You can have a consonant that only shows up in a pair, like if 'S' and 'X' only appear paired with other consonants. If you don't enter 'S' or 'X' as single consonants, they'd never show up alone in a word. ALSO: this generator ignores the English rule of a silent vowel, like the 'e' at the end of 'where'. For good results: enter at least 3 vowels and ten consonants. For even better results, enter at least three pairs of double-consonants and double-vowels, in any combination (repeating or paired).

One-syllable words will use the FIRST pattern, two syllable words will use the FIRST and LAST patterns. Words with three or more syllables will use FIRST + MIDDLE + LAST, repeating MIDDLE as needed.

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